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Software Preview - One Click E-mail Access:

As you can see from the image above, this extension will allow you to access all of the major free webmail accounts in just one click. Even if you only have and use one email account, this software will still be a significant time saver and productivity booster. If you image the time you spend everytime checking your email (this means typing the URL or click on your bookmark link, typing in your login/password, clicking on the search box to search emails) you can see that many of your daily email tasks can add up in time quite quickly. With this extension, you will be able to access all of the major webmail providers including msn hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail (google main), aol mail all in just one click. It will significantly reduce the time needed to manage your email tasks.

Quick Review

The inbox ace toolbar is an extremely convenient email reading software that lets you access multiple emails at once. This email software will allow you to access popular webmail accounts including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN Hotmail, AOL Mail, Facebook messages and more. What we like about this toolbar is that you are able to access all of these accounts with just "One Click". It does not matter if you just have one email account or multiple accounts, we find it useful that you are able to access your email at anytie simply from the browser. This means you can read your emails without having to type in the webmail address, your login info every time you check your email.

Simply download the software and install it in 10 seconds.

The installation process was easy. You will simply need to follow the instructions from the site. The software currently supports internet explorer and firefox. You will have specific instructions that will walk you through each browser. Reading emails have become such a common task for everybody. If you are still typing in your free email provider manually, you are wasting quite a bit of time. Imagine the number of times you access gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc ... every day, and the time it takes you to log in to these services will easily add up quickly. Being able to jump to your various emails in one-click will certainly save a lot of time.

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If you do not find the software useful, you can simply uninstall the extension as well.

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